Small Scale A4 Printing Paper Machine

In today’s A4 printing paper market environment, small-scale A4 printing paper manufacturers need an efficient and flexible printing paper production solution. Leizhan’s A4 printing paper machine is a new tool for small-scale paper mill production and can cope with rapidly changing market demands.

Technical Data Of Small Scale A4 Printing Paper Machine

Raw material: wood pulp, waste paper(no deinking)
Paper grade: A4 paper, A3 paper, writing paper
Trimmed width: 1575mm
Basis weight: 90-100g/㎡
Design speed: 60m/min
Working speed: 40-50m/min
Capacity: 10T/D

We also provide personalized services and customize exclusive A4 paper making solutions for small-scale production companies based on customer needs to help you achieve personalized production.

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