Tailing Pulp Screening Equipment Self-washing Vibrating Screen

Leizhan is committed to developing and producing equipment with advanced technology and excellent performance. Leizhan’s self-washing vibrating screen is an efficient screening equipment developed with reference to the experience of foreign equipment. This equipment can achieve efficient, clean, energy-saving and environmentally friendly tailing pulp treatment.

Main Feature Of Vibrating Screen

1. It has a large screening area and powerful screening capacity to improve production efficiency.
2. The screen area is equipped with a water spray device to improve fiber recovery rate and pulp utilization rate.
3. The lower part of the sieve plate is designed with an air seal box, which has a self-cleaning function and effectively solves the problem of fiber clogging.
4. The eccentric rotor is built into the vibration excitation device to ensure the safety and durability of the equipment.

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