Three Wires Cardboard Paper Machine

Three Wires Cardboard Paper Machine, mainly used for making kraft paper, test liner carton paper. The wire part is an important part of the paper machine. The main function of this part is to remove most of the water in the netting paper to form a wet paper sheet. The dehydration method is filtration and suction dehydration. Generally, the amount of water removed from the wire section accounts for more than 95% of the dehydration of the netting paper.

Wire Part Of Three Wires Cardboard Paper Machine

1.Three Wires: top layer wire, medium layer wire, bottom layer wire,
2.main components: Breast Roll, Forming board, Dewatering board, Vacuum Box, Combined Roll, Vacuum Couch Roll, Wire Drive Roll, Wire Guiding Roll and Framework, etc.
3.Top layer wire, core layer wire and bottom layer wire respectively equipped with one forming wire.

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