Three Wires Cardboard Paper Making Machine

Three wires cardboard paper machine is mainly used to produce packaging paper, such as containerboard, kraft paper, cardboard, duplex board paper, etc. We equip machines according to customer’s production needs. The production capacity ranges from tens to hundreds of tons.

Three Wires Cardboard Paper Machine

Below are the details of the press section of the three wires cardboard paper machine:
1.Divided into 1st press, 2nd press, 3th press, 4th press.
2.1st and 2nd press are vacuum press, respectively equipped with one Gluing Metal Roll and one Vacuum Press Roll.
3.3th and 4th press are MG press, respectively equipped with one upper and one lower Gluing Metal Rolls.
4.1st press, 2nd press, 3th press, 4th press all equipped with Felt Guiding Roll and Felt Suction Box, and upper & lower Felts.

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