Waste Paper Bale Breaker For Paper Mill

The waste paper bale breaker is mainly used for waste paper bales breaking and selecting. Our bale breaker machine is made of high quality stainless steel. The bale breaker innner part is painted with antirust painter. The production capacity can reach 1500t/d. For paper mills of different sizes, we can provide a production capacity of 220-1500t/d.

Functions Of Bale Breaker

1. Disperse the packed and dense waste paper to improve the efficiency of subsequent equipment;
2. Dry screening removes heavy impurities, reduces the wear of subsequent equipment, and improves pulp quality;
3. Save labor for sorting and sorting waste paper, and improve the utilization value of sorted waste paper.

The bale breaker sorts large impurities, heavy impurities, inferior waste paper and high-grade cultural paper, improving the efficiency of waste paper use. Bale breaker is our patent product, welcome to contact us for price.
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