1200m/min High-speed Underfeed Rewinder

The 1200m/min high-speed underfeed rewinder is used to slit the corrugated paper and A-grade kraft linerboard with a basis weight of 100-200g/㎡ initially rolled on the paper machine, and rewind it into a finished paper roll with the required width and tightness. During operation, as the roll diameter increases, the force moment difference between the front bottom roll and rear bottom roll also changes, which is controlled by the PLC program. The following are the specifications of the 1200m/min high-speed underfeed rewinder provided by Leizhan.

Specifications Of High-speed Underfeed Rewinder

1: Net paper width: 4700mm
2: Design speed: 1500m/min
3: Working speed: 1200m/min
4: Paper threading speed: ≤25m/min
5: Original paper roll diameter: φ2500mm
6: Finished paper roll diameter: φ1500mm
7: Quantity of paper: 100-200g/m²
8: Sheet tension: 0.7-2kg/cm
9: Backup roller: φ800*5100mm
10: Gauge: 6000mm

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