150T Large Capacity LOCC Pulping Line

As a paper making machinery company with many years of experience, we at Leizhan have been committed to developing green and environmentally friendly paper making equipment, aiming to help customers meet their needs for high output and high-quality paper. The pulping line adopts the most advanced technology to achieve efficient and large-volume production, and the paper mill can obtain great economic benefits in a short period of time.

Main Detail Of 150T Large Capacity LOCC Pulping Line

Chain conveyor – Chain plate width: 1425mm; Motor power: 7.5kw 1500rpm
Drum pulper – Motor power: 200kw 1500rpm
High density cleaner – pressure drop: 200KPa
Mid consistency pressure screen – Screen drum aperture: 2.2mm; Motor power: 75KW 1500rpm
Single effect fiber separator – Sieve hole diameter: 4mm; Motor power: 55kw 1000rpm
Reject separator – Sieve plate mesh: 4mm; Motor power: 30KW 1500rpm
Low density cleaner – Pressure drop: 200KPa

The 150t large capacity LOCC pulping line can realize rapid and large-scale production of paper mills. If you are interested in our pulping line, please contact us. Email:paperproductmachine@gmail.com

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