3200mm Craft Paper Machine Manufacturer

3200mm Craft Paper Machine is a kind of low investment high efficiency craft paper making machine. It is mainly used to produce paper with trimmed width of 3200mm, and the production capacity is 100tpd. Leizhan is also the professional manufacturer of pulp making equipment, like D type hydrapulper, mid consistency pressure screen, high density cleaner, low density cleaner, etc. Welcome to visit our factory.

3200mm Craft Paper Machine Manufacturer Main Technical Data

1. Paper type: kraft paper
2. Gram weight: 80-220g/m²
3. Trimmed width: 3200mm
4. Designed speed: 100-180m/min
5. Production capacity: 100t/d
6. Dryness:
After wire section: ≥18-21%
After press section: ≥38-42%
Paper product dryness: 90%-92%
7. Finished product ratio: 96%

Craft paper making plant, corrugated paper making plant, tissue paper making plant, cultural paper making plant, etc., all can be designed by Leizhan company. For the detais, please contact us.
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