3200mm Double Fourdrinier Multi-Cylinder Kraft Paper Machine

To meet customers’ demand, we supply 3200mm double fourdrinier multi-cylinder paper machine in paper project. And lots of customers also adopted our paper pulping line equipment.

3200mm Double Fourdrinier Paper Machine Specifications

1. Product variety: kraft paper
2. Quantity of copying: 80-200 g/m2
3. Clean paper width: 3200mm
4. Gauge: 4300 mm (the final design shall prevail)
5. Design speed: 100-180 m/min
6. Output: 100 t/d
7. Transmission form: AC variable frequency sub-transmission

In Kraft paper production line project, our 3200mm double fourdrinier multi-cylinder paper machine and paper pulp making system has been used for paper mill. About more paper& pulping machine, welcome contact us.
Email: paperproductmachine@gmail.com

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