3200mm Kraft Paper Making Plant

The 3200mm kraft paper making plant makes use of the pulp produced by pulping line to make high quality kraft paper. To make higher strength kraft paper, the pulp concentration, paper humidity, dryness must be accurate. The technology condition of 3200mm kraft paper is as below:
1 Pulp types: commercial wood pulp
2 Pulping Concentration: 0.1~0.3%
3 Dryness getting into dryer: 35~38%
4 The dryness of winkle: 90~92%
5 Paper moisture: 5~8%

3200mm Kraft Paper Making Plant Main Technical Data

1. Paper type: kraft paper
2. Gram weight: 80-200g/m²
3. Trimmed width: 3200mm
5. Designed speed: 100-180m/min
6. Production capacity: 100t/d
7. Dryness:
After wire section: ≥18-21%
After press section: ≥38-42%
Paper product dryness: 90%-92%
8. Finished product ratio: 96%

In order to make higher quality of pulp, Leizhan has many types of pulper equipment, screening equipment, cleaner equipment to process different types of raw materials. If you are interested in the pulping line, contact us at any time.
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