3700mm Four Layer Cardboard Paper Machine

Four layer cardboard paper machine, paper trimmed width is 3700mm. 3700mm four layer cardboard paper machine is consist of headbox, wire part, press part, front drying part, oblique surface sizing machine, back drying part, calender part, reel part. We can also provide customers with the entire cardboard pulp production line, which deepens the cooperation and trust between customers and us.

Wire Part Of Four Layer Cardboard Paper Machine

1.Wire part: Four layer include top layer, lining layer, core layer and bottom layer.
2.The main components are consist of breast roll , forming board, Dewatering board, vacuum box, composite roll, suction couch roll, wire drive roll , wire guiding roll and paper machine framework.
3.Top layer, lining layer, core layer and bottom layer are respectively equipped with one forming part respectively .

According to the customer’s output requirement, we can provide cardboard paper machines with a production capacity of 45-750t/d and the entire pulp production line. For more cardboard paper machine prices and details, please feel free to contact us.

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