4300mm Multi-cylinder Kraft Paper Machine

The 4300mm multi-cylinder paper machine is used to produce 80-240g/m² T paper/corrugated paper. The wire part is designed as follows: air-cushion headbox is used for sizing, and two layer wire is formed (top wire 8m, bottom wire 20m).

Technical Parameters Of Paper Machine

1.Paper type: Kraft paper/linerboard
2.Basis weight: 80-240g/m²
3.Design speed: 500m/min
4.Working speed: 400-450m/min
5.Gauge: 5500mm (set at design time)

Leizhan provides 4300mm multi-cylinder paper machine. If you need paper machines for other paper webs, please contact us for specific solutions and prices.
Email: paperproductmachine@gmail.com

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