80-240g/m² Kraft Liner Board Machine

Leizhan provides papermaking machinery for paper mills. This time, it provides 80-240g/m² linerboard machine for customers. The dryer section is designed as follows: 1 paper threading cylinder Φ1500mm, 3 Φ1500mm UNO cylinders, 35 Φ1800mm drying cylinders. Arrangement 1+3+3U+10+10+Sizing machine+2+10+Two-roller calendering

Technical Parameters Of Paper Machine

Types of papermaking: Kraft paper/linerboard
Roll width: 4360mm
Headbox lip width: 4650mm
Working speed: 400-450m/min
Crawl speed: 25m/min
Gauge: 5500mm (set at design time)
Layout form: single layer layout

Leizhan is a professional manufacturer of papermaking machinery, and has provided paper mills with complete pulping and papermaking production lines for many times. Welcome to contact us for production line details and prices.
Email: paperproductmachine@gmail.com

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