Double Disc Refiner Of Pulping Project

The double-disc refiner is an ideal equipment for continuous pulping. It is suitable for chemical wood pulp, mechanical pulp, recycled pulp and other raw materials with a pulping concentration of 3%-5%. Its main function is to improve the beating degree of pulp to meet the demand for high-quality pulp in the paper making industry.

Double Disc Refiner Of Pulping Project Features

  1. Our double-disc refiner can be equipped with a variety of grinding discs according to different raw material requirements, including wood pulp, mechanical pulp, chemical pulp, waste paper pulp and other types, providing customers with greater flexibility and choice.
  2. Using a constant power control system, the double-disc refiner can stably control the refining effect, ensure the stability and continuity of the production process, and effectively reduce production risks.
  3. Equipped with an automatic advance and retreat device with adjustable clearance, it is easy to operate and can conveniently control the beating effect to ensure the best beating effect during production.

Leizhan is committed to providing customers with efficient and reliable paper making equipment. Our double-disc refiner provides customers with reliable support and guarantee for their pulping projects with its advantages such as suitability for a variety of raw materials and stable pulping effects. Email

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