Felt For Paper Making Line

Felt plays a role in filtering and stirring during the paper making process, directly affecting the smoothness and uniformity of the paper. Leizhan’s felt can not only improve production efficiency, but also ensure paper quality. Helps your paper mill achieve higher levels of production operations.

Features Of Felt For Paper Making Line

  1. Our felt is made of high-quality materials and precision-processed to have good wear resistance and long-term stability, effectively extending its service life.
  2. Advanced manufacturing technology is used to ensure the strength and stability of the felt, which is not easily deformed and effectively ensures the stable operation of the production line.
  3. We provide paper making spare parts felts in various specifications to meet the needs of different types of paper making equipment, ensuring that spare parts are perfectly matched to the equipment.

Leizhan is committed to providing customers with the highest quality paper making machinery and equipment and the most satisfactory services to help your papermaking mill run smoothly and improve production efficiency. Email:paperproductmachine@gmail.com

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