High Efficiency Kraft Paper Machine

Through advanced technology and technology, our kraft paper machine can produce high-quality kraft paper products with high strength and flatness, suitable for applications in packaging, printing and other fields.

Technical Data About Kraft Paper Machine

Making varieties: Kraft paper
Basis weight: 80-90 gsm
Net paper width: 3200 mm
Roll paper width: 3260 mm
The lip width of the headbox: 3500 mm
Balanced speed: 400 m/min (rotating parts)
Working speed: 250 m/min
Track distance: 4300 mm
Layout form: single-layer layout

Leizhan also provides personalized customized services, which can customize paper machine configurations and functions according to customers’ specific needs. If you have any need for our kraft paper machine, please contact us for details and price. Email:paperproductmachine@gmail.com

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