Low Density Cleaner For Pulping Line Project

In paper production, pulp purification is an important step in ensuring paper quality. In order to solve the problem of heavy impurities such as sand, iron filings, dust, and large ink particles in paper pulp, Zhengzhou Leizhan launched a professional low density cleaner.

Features Of Low Density Cleaner For Pulping Line Project

  1. The low density cleaner adopts a split design, dividing the vacuum cleaner into 3-4 parts to facilitate user disassembly, assembly and replacement.
  2. Our low density cleaner provides different slag discharge methods, including open and closed slag discharge, to meet different pulp production environments and needs.
  3. The bottom of the cone of the low density cleaner is made of wear-resistant ceramic material to ensure stable slag discharge and good wear resistance and service life.

Leizhan has been specializing in the production of paper making machinery and pulping equipment for more than 40 years, with rich experience and advanced technology. If you have any questions about our low density cleaner, please feel free to contact us. Email address:paperproductmachine@gmail.com

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