Pulping Line Equipment Hydrapurger

In the pulp production process, impurities in waste paper pulp are one of the important factors affecting product quality and production efficiency. In order to solve this problem, the ZSF series hydrapurger came into being.

Advantages Of Pulping Line Equipment Hydrapurger

  1. The unique structural design of the hydrapurger enables a large number of light impurities in waste paper pulp to be removed as early as possible to prevent them from entering subsequent processes, thereby reducing the load on subsequent equipment and improving production efficiency.
  2. The application of hydrapurger can speed up pulp processing, shorten production cycles, and improve production efficiency, thereby reducing production costs and improving competitiveness.
  3. Our hydrapurger has a compact structure design, a small footprint, and is relatively simple to install, operate and maintain, helping to reduce management costs.

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